Things will be weird. Be not afraid.

AI is likely the most transformative technology ever invented; Import AI is a newsletter that tries to document the frontier of AI research and analyze its potential implications.

The greatest challenge of the 21st century is to make an increasingly fast-moving technical world ‘legible’ to a large number of people. My belief is that by solving these information asymmetries, we will naturally build the infrastructures necessary to maintain stability in an era of great change and possibility. Import AI is my attempt to help with this.

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Who writes Import AI?

It’s written by me – Jack Clark. I’m a co-founder of Anthropic, an AI safety and research company. I was previously the Policy Director of OpenAI, an AI deployment company. Before that, I worked as the world’s only neural network reporter at Bloomberg, and before that as the world’s only distributed systems reporter at The Register. I tweet @jackclarkSF. You can email me at: [firstname] at jack-clark dot net.

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Paid subscribers get to comment on posts and early access to special essays and analysis. One of the reasons Import AI has gone on for so long is because I love to write in ways that help people - and people find it helpful! Now I want to take my next step and try to produce more and different forms of analysis for paid subscribers, then waterfall (some of) this into the public domain. This is an experiment but I expect it to be quite productive and useful.

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Import AI is a weekly newsletter about artificial intelligence based on detailed analysis of cutting-edge research.


Jack Clark 

Co-founder of Anthropic, co-chair of the AI Index at Stanford University, co-chair of OECD working group on AI & Compute, and member of the US government's National AI Advisory Committee. I am obsessed with AI and its implications for society.